Zoe Green Dingle Literary Festival 2022
Silke Dingle Literary Festival 2022

Between the lines: Tree-Paper-Ink-Tree
A delve into what makes a book.

Venue: Dingle Bookshop
Date: Friday 18 November 2022

Time: Anytime between 13.00 – 17.00 IST/GMT

Dingle Lit is pleased to thank the Dingle Bookshop for all their support and for sponsoring this event.

Visual and performance artists Zoe and Silke welcome you to join them at the Dingle Bookshop on Friday 18th November for the creation of an interactive installation responding to the festival.

We will be exploring words: Spoken – Written – Worn!

Please join us for this evocative celebration of the love of books, where you can try writing with our handmade locally foraged oak gall ink and add a page to our paper clothes.