Creative Non-fiction Workshop

Friday 22 Nov 2019, 10.30 am – 4.30 pm

Workshop leader, Kevin Breathnach

This one-day workshop will explore elements of non-fiction writing such as memoir, social commentary, cultural criticism, and the construction of narrative space and time in work by such writers as Susan Howe and Lydia Davis. Participants produce their own material by responding to prompts such as photographs, film stills, and biographical texts, learning how to read in search of metaphorically significant detail. They will have an opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their work in a supportive and encouraging environment. Through this combination of writing, reading and discussion, the workshop will address the ethical, political and aesthetic questions that underscore contemporary non-fiction writing.

Booking for this course is via the website of the Irish Writers Centre – HERE

Kevin Breathnach is a writer from Dublin. His first book, Tunnel Vision — a collection of twelve shape-shifting personal and critical essays— was published in 2019 by Faber. His work has previously appeared in the Dublin Review, The Tangerine, Source Photographic Review, Fallow Media, The Lifeboat, gorse, The New Inquiry, The White Review.

Venue: Dingle Skellig Hotel

In Association with the Irish Writers Centre