Cauvery Madhavan Dingle Literayr Festival 2022

History Through Fiction, a discussion with Martina Devlin and Michelle Gallen chaired by Cauvery Madhavan

Venue: An Díseart – Fresco Room
Date: Saturday 19 November 2022
Time: 16.30 – 17.30 IST/GMT
Tickets: €8 in advance, €10 on the door

Ionad:  An Díseart – Fresco Room
Dáta:  Dé Sathairn 19 Samhain  2022
Am: 16.30 – 17.30 IST/GMT
Costas: Beidh na ticéid ar díol ar €8 roimh ré agus €10 ag an doras


Join Cauvery Madhavan, Martina Devlin and Michelle Gallen as they discuss historical fiction and how, if done correctly, it can introduce the past to a whole new audience while adding depth to a story. All three have published books set against historically accurate backdrops and understand the skill required to tell a story that educates and entertains in equal measure.

Madhavan’s novel The Tainted, tells the story of the love affair between a private from the Royal Irish Kildare Rangers and a local housemaid in Nandagiri, southeast India and the repercussions it had. While the affair is fictitious, the role the Black and Tans played in 1920s India is very real.

Similarly, Gallen has written two novels – Factory Girls and Big Girl, Small Town –  both of which are set in Northern Ireland and use The Troubles as a backdrop to tales of women struggling to find their way.

While Devlin wrote Edith, a novel based on the life of Edith Somerville of ‘Somerville and Ross’ fame – authors of The Irish R.M.

Martina Devlin Dngle Lit 2022

Martina Devlin – Panelist

Martina Devlin has written 11 books and two plays and is an award-winning journalist. She has won a VS Pritchett Prize from the Royal Society of Literature and a Hennessy Literary Award. Martina presents the City of Books podcast for Dublin UNESCO City of Literature and is the first holder of a PhD in literary practice from Trinity College Dublin where she has taught Irish literature.

Martina is also at the festival in an event with Emilie Pine – full details here.


Michelle Gallen

Michelle Gallen – Panelist

Michelle Gallen was born in Tyrone in the 1970s and grew up during the Troubles a few miles from what she was told was the “Free” State and the “United” Kingdom. She studied English Literature at Trinity College Dublin and Publishing at Stirling University. She won several prestigious prizes as a young writer before a devastating brain injury in her mid-twenties.

Her second novel, Factory Girls is now available in the UK and Ireland and will be published in the USA in 2022. She now lives in Dublin with her husband and kids.

Michelle is also at the festival in an event with Olivia Fitzsimonds – full details here.

Cauvery Madhavan Dingle Literayr Festival 2022


Cauvery Madhavan was born in India and worked as a copywriter in her hometown of Chennai (formerly Madras), before moving to Ireland 33 years ago where she immediately fell in love with the country. Since then, she has written three novels, bringing together her love of both countries with her love of history. Her fiction pieces include, Paddy Indian, The Uncoupling and The Tainted which was picked as one of  An Post’s Top Summer Reads 2020.

Dingle Literary Festival 2022
Dingle Literary Festival 2022
Dingle Literary Festival 2022

Copies of the publications will be on sale by the Dingle Bookshop at the event. The author has agreed to sign copies at the end of the talk.