Poet and novelist Mary O’Donnell discusses environmental concerns in her latest collection of poetry, and the evolution of women in Irish society. / Pléann an file agus an t-úrscéalaí Mary O’Donnell nithe is údar imní ó thaobh an chomhshaoil de ina cnuasach filíochta is déanaí, chomh maith le héabhlóid na mban i sochaí na hÉireann.

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Date/Dáta: Saturday 21 November 2020
Time/Am: 2.00pm to 2.40pm IST/GMT

Mary O'Donell

Mary O’Donnell has published seven poetry collections, four novels and three short story collections, to critical and popular acclaim. She was elected to Aosdána in 2001. Her new collection of poetry, Massacre of the Birds is published by Salmon Press in October. The title work of her latest collection references the millions of birds that are killed every year on their migratory path from Europe to Africa. “The poem is a lament for what we are going to lose,” she told Olivia O’Leary on RTE Radio’s The Poetry Programme. Climate change and the degradation of the planet are themes she has touched on since her very first collection, a continuing concern in her work. “The social self carries its anxieties and observations to the page,” she notes.

Her body of work over almost 40 years has addressed matters of female body, sexuality, desire, the institutionalisation of motherhood, maternity and family. Writing in The Irish Times last year she said, “Our highly hypocritical, secretive, illiberal and anti-female Irish society needed a good, critical mirror held up to itself. I wanted to be one of those who did that…”

Deanna O'Connor

Mary will be interviewed by Deanna O’Connor

Deanna is an award-winning magazine editor who freelances for blue-chip corporate clients and semi-state bodies, as well as writing on technology and entrepreneurship for The Sunday Business Post and lifestyle features for The Examiner newspaper. She is the founder of The Speak Up Club, a social enterprise working to empower women as leaders in business and the community.
ONLINE – Date: Saturday 21 November 2020 Time: 2.00pm to 2.40pm IST/GMT