Limitless with Nuala Moore

Sat 18 Nov 3pm - 4pm

Nuala Moore and Limitless

Sat 18 Nov

3pm - 4pm


The Sea has always been a part of Nuala Moore’s life: her earliest memory is of jumping off her father’s fishing boat in Dingle Harbour and swimming back to shore. Since then, she’s swum in some of the coldest, most remote and dangerous waters in the world, from the Bering Strait to the Drake Passage.

After years of marathon swimming, Nuala struggled to balance sacrifice and achievement. Her work–life balance, coupled with caring for her father, forced a change in her pathway. She turned to ice swimming. For Nuala, these extreme situations offered freedom and a chance to find her true north.

Nuala believes that everyone is capable of greatness, whatever shape that might take. Limitless is her breathtaking memoir, detailing what goes through her mind when she’s in the water and how, when she returns home, she processes the fallout of pushing herself to the brink.

Join us on Saturday November 18th at 3pm to hear Nuala talk about her life, and what drives her.

Nuala will be interviewed by Deanna O’Connor. Deanna is a freelance writer, editor, and native content specialist. As an award-winning magazine editor, she has worked across print and digital publishing, events, and broadcast media. A certified trainer and facilitator, she also hosts public speaking and personal branding workshops and webinars for corporate and private clients.