Writer Nicole Flattery.

Dingle Lit and Andy Warhol: what’s the link?

5:00am | Sun 29 Oct 2023

If you’ve been to, or are planning to go to Andy Warhol Three Times Out, the exhibition currently running in Dublin’s Hugh Lane Gallery, it will make the perfect preparation for your visit to Dingle Lit? Why so? Because Andy Warhol’s famous New York studio, The Factory, is the setting for one of this year’s most exciting novels, Nicole Flattery’s Nothing Special, which she’ll be discussing with Deanna O’Connor on Saturday evening of the festival. Book tickets here.

In the book, a fictional lonely teenager, Mae, falls out with her friends, drops out of school and lands herself a job as a typist for Andy Warhol, transcribing the taped conversations between the artist and Ondine, and actor and fixture at The Factory, which eventually become Warhol’s famous book A Novel. In reality, four typists did work on transcribing the Warhol/Ondine tapes. Famously, Maureen Tucker, the drummer from the Velvet Underground was one of them, but refused to transcribe the swear words.

The exhibition curated by Barbara Dawson, Director Hugh Lane Gallery and Michael Dempsey, Head of Exhibitions, has been five years in the making and includes more than 250 works borrowed from museums and private collections in the US, Canada, Europe and the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh.

Andy Warhol Three Times Out runs until 28 January 2024. hughlane.ie