Peter Geoghegan

Peter Geoghegan is an Irish writer, broadcaster and investigations editor at the award-winning news website openDemocracy. He led openDemocracy‘s investigations into dark money in British politics that were nominated for a 2019 British Journalism award and the Paul Foot award.

His journalism has appeared in numerous national and international titles including New York Times, the Guardian, the London Review of Books, the Irish Times, the Scotsman and many other publications. He has made documentaries for BBC Radio Four, worked on investigative TV programmes for Channel 4 and regularly appears on British and international broadcast outlets.

In his new book, Sunday Times bestseller. Democracy for Sale, Peter Geoghegan shows how antiquated electoral laws are broken with impunity, how secretive lobbying bends our politics out of shape, and how Silicon Valley tech giants have colluded in selling out democracy. Geoghegan investigates politicians, fabulously well-funded partisan think tanks, propagandists who know how to game a rigged system, and the campaigners and regulators valiantly trying to stop them. Democracy for Sale is the story of how money, vested interests and digital skulduggery are eroding trust in democracy – and a powerful account of what must be done about it. 

Join Peter at the festival as he talks with Anne Applebaum about his new book Democracy for Sale that sheds light on the dirty politics selling out democracy.
ONLINE – Date: Sunday 22 November Time: 10.00am GMT