Sarah Moss discusses her new book Summerwater with Justine Carbery. / Pléann Sarah Moss a leabhar nua Summerwater le Justine Carbery.

Date/Dáta: Saturday 21 November
Time/Am: 5.30pm to 6.00pm IST/GMT

From the acclaimed author of Ghost Wall, Summerwater is a devastating story told over twenty-four hours in the Scottish highlands, and a searing exploration of our capacity for both kinship and cruelty in these divided times.

On the longest day of the summer, twelve people sit cooped up with their families in a faded Scottish cabin park. The endless rain leaves them with little to do but watch the other residents.

A woman goes running up the Ben as if fleeing; a retired couple reminisce about neighbours long since moved on; a teenage boy braves the dark waters of the loch in his red kayak. Each person is wrapped in their own cares but increasingly alert to the makeshift community around them. One particular family, a mother and daughter without the right clothes or the right manners, starts to draw the attention of the others. Tensions rise and all watch on, unaware of the tragedy that lies ahead as night finally falls.

Sarah Moss is one of the UK’s leading literary authors. In 2019 she relocated to Ireland and is now Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at UCD’s School of English, Drama and Film.

Sarah Moss discusses her new book Summerwater, in conversation with Justine Carbery. Hilary Mantel, author of Wolf Hall, has described Summerwater as “Sharp, searching, thoroughly imagined, utterly of the moment,” and said, “It throws much contemporary writing into the shade.”

Author and journalist Justine Carbery lectures in Creative Writing at UCD and is a book reviewer for the Sunday Independent.

Sarah Moss discusses her new book Summerwater with Justine Carbery.
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Date: Saturday 21 November Time: 5.30pm to 6.00pm IST/GMT