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12:15pm | Thu 1 Jun 2023

We have been lucky to attract a plethora of wonderful guests to Dingle Lit, whether it was the honour of hosting President Michael D. Higgins, to film star Gabriel Byrne joining us over a video call during Covid lockdown, as well as a long list of authors, too many to mention here, but then, that’s what the archive page is for!

We’ve recorded many interviews and have a large selection available to view on our YouTube channel, as well as some podcast episodes.

Check out some of the organising committee’s top picks:

What Makes Us Writers, What Makes Us Readers – Rob Doyle and Kevin Power, Dingle Lit 2022

“I really enjoyed Rob Doyle and Kevin Power in conversation with literary agent Anna Stein at the 2022 festival. As well as being two of the most interesting writers around today, they both practice literary criticism and it was a fascinating conversation.” – Deanna O’Connor

Handiwork – Sara Baume and Carlo Gébler, Dingle Lit 2020

An insightful conversation ensued when Carlo Gébler caught up with his former student Sara Baume, online during lockdown, to discuss her book Handiwork.

President Michael D Higgins – interviewed by Seán Mac an tSíthigh, Dingle Lit 2021

What an honour to host our poet President, to discuss his book Reclaiming the European Street: Speeches on Europe and the European Union, 2016-20.

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