Dingle Lit commits to greening the festival

4:48pm | Wed 8 Nov 2023

We are lucky to host the Dingle Lit festival in a spectacularly beautiful part of the world, a place where you cannot but appreciate the gifts of nature all around. It’s also a place where the Atlantic Ocean makes us feel the full force of the climate, from howling winds to lashing rain. Conscious that we all have our part to play when it comes to Climate Action, this year a group of the Dingle Lit committee have been working hard to research and put together the Dingle Literary Festival Climate Action Policy 2023. 

Dingle Literary Festival is committed to promoting sustainable practices and minimising the environmental impact of our events.  By implementing our Climate Action policy, Dingle Literary Festival aims to promote a culture of sustainability and contribute to a greener future. We will continuously strive to minimise our environmental footprint and inspire positive change within the literary community.

By implementing our climate action policy, the festival can make a significant contribution to sustainability, raise awareness about climate change, and inspire positive action among its attendees and participants. We will be commencing this year by conducting a comprehensive environmental impact assessment to evaluate the festival’s carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste generation, and water usage, so that we can use the findings to develop strategies for minimising the festival’s environmental impact.

We invite everyone attending the festival to do the best they can to minimise their impact too, be that by using public transport where possible to make the journey to Dingle or bringing your own reusable cup or water bottle.

We are at the start of our green journey…we hope you’ll join us. Read the full text of our Climate Action Policy here.